How about Rock Chicks . whats the cons and benefits about girls just like me??

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advantages: they like good music cons: they can’t shut up about any of it

Rock Chicks have been in love and enthusiastic about stone movie movie stars for their high status that is social dominance. These girls tend mostly to own daddy problem and insecurity. They grave attention from guys and may often be found in strip groups.

Benefits: they’ve been really submissive and sexual while they don’t have any boundaries. Principal men love these women that please them in a variety of ways.

Cons: they’re not devoted but just dedicated in the event that you sustain your high social status, dominance and express their absent dad.

Haha maybe you don’t have cons

think about a gamer woman :( ?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha… ha… wait… they exist.

“The Nerd” defines me to a tee.

I’d want “The Nerd”, “The minimal Self-Esteem”, or MAYBE “The Innocent”. there’s no thing that is such “The Keeper”.

Yea we agree same right here

Can u compose this article on how best to approach this girls!

yes! I prefer a girl like miss keeper & I’m sure she additionally anything like me. many how this woman is aggravated frndz……… I realy love her i want her……………….ineed on me personally and does not give me reply ………plz assist me personally personally me down your assistance my frdzzz

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