This motif contains two subthemes: exposed sex and pre-marital pregnancy and drinks and medication neglect

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Health possibilities perceptions

This motif contained two subthemes: unprotected intercourse and pre-marital creation and liquor and medication neglect.

Unprotected sexual intercourse and pre-marital pregnancy

For a number of of the people, the turning point in deciding to marry as child ended up being when their particular mothers suspected these people of either using pre-marital love-making or a€?khalwata€? (tight proximity) or found that these people were pregnant before union, which are actually restricted within religion, Islam. Considering spiritual norms and also to conceal the embarrassment and disgrace associated with families, mom and dad in the current situation required girls getting hitched straight away, as being the chicks were thought to get devoted sins.

a€?Actually, as soon as I ended up being small, I got pre-marital love-making, and we needed to put married. Our father and mother informed united states getting married and, consequently it was far better to become partnered. Read more →