Pizzaslime hasn’t taken a fall of outside financing to date, though investors have now been sniffing available for the previous year or therefore. Hwang and Santiago are wary about how that could impact their company.

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He and Hwang started to collaborate on this enigma that is digital years back when they hit up a friendship through shared buddies in LA’s music-producing scene and fled corporate-ish life doing work for a business that handled artists, Tmwrk (pronounced “teamwork”). “We had a whole lot of a few ideas in regard to creative material that people wished to do and not each of them fit utilizing the performers we had been using,” Hwang claims.

They weren’t quite sure whatever they had been likely to produce, however they knew that they had a cool-sounding title in Pizzaslime. Santiago had guaranteed the website name for the business on a whim a years that are few and ended up being utilizing it to blog about music. Read more →