Can you get angry at individuals for making use of the definition of ‘celesbian’ to spell it out explicitly bisexual a-listers?

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The declare that Waverly is bi is founded on one and just thing in past times she dated a . Every woman who ever dated a is bisexual if not straight, even apparently Heather who included Waverly for that reason here so according to that logic. Oh, and another argument from individuals dissatisfied with Wav’s homosexual remark that “there are therefore couple of bisexuals on TV”. Per GLAAD reports, bisexual ladies have actually almost TWICE larger representation than lesbians (30% vs 17% among all LGBT figures).

I don’t have problem with that, assuming you would accept the show deciding otherwise if you wished Waverly to be bisexual. We have issue with lesbian erasure. The show didn’t make sure she’s bisexual, it really supplied proof into the contrary (Wav perhaps perhaps not only said she’s homosexual, she indicated since she didn’t have such problem with Rosita), and yet this article ignores it and authoritatively states she’s bisexual that she felt really uneasy with her AU fiancee, and it wasn’t about Nicole. That’s borderline lesbophobic.

“It’s particularly infuriating considering just just how bisexual fandoms have long history of attacking individuals for declaring figures with no sexuality that is stated be gay. Sweet standards that are double.”

Let’s unpack this. Would you mean to mean that this behaviour should be replicated? And can you, in fairness, leap to guard the bisexual identification of the character on a summary of lesbian characters and assume the worst associated with the author’s intentions? Do you really get mad at individuals for making use of the definition of ‘celesbian’ to spell it out celebrities that are explicitly bisexual? Did you accuse Autostraddle of perpetuating erasure that is bisexual calling it the menu of dead lesbian television characters even with they explained their rationale? Read more →