Just how to Set Priorities in Mentoring Relationships

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Way too many interruptions trigger efforts that are unfocused

In this always-on, always-connected globe we reside in oasis active today, it may be hard to tune out of the sound and interruptions that bombard us and vie for the attention. It is also difficult, if you don’t extremely difficult, to shut our devices off and really move far from work.

I’ve noticed recently that my son has gotten really great at demanding my attention whenever I you will need to divide my focus once I log off work. He’s got palsy that is cerebral is nonverbal, along with his real limits are severe. My typical post-work routine is always to wake him up from their nap once I leave any office (we home based), change their diaper, then carry him to the living room where he sits on my lap therefore we check out view the environment report after which an episode of Paw Patrol together. Read more →