Universal Credit: two son or daughter restriction. What things to understand

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The ‘two child’ policy ended up being founded on 6 April 2017, supplying help through Universal Credit for at the most two kiddies. From 1 February 2019, Universal Credit takes claims that are new families it doesn’t matter how numerous kiddies you have got.

Child Element

The little one section of your Universal Credit re re payment depends on just exactly just how numerous kids you have actually additionally the date these people were created.

Your Universal Credit re payment can include an element that is‘child for every single youngster in your home, created before 6 April 2017. If you’ve got a child/children created on or after 6 April 2017, your repayment will simply consist of a young child element for them if they’re very first or second born kid or if some of the unique circumstances below apply.

For instance, if you’re already claiming Universal Credit, have actually obligation for just two kids and also you then give birth to a different kid, you won’t get yet another number of Universal Credit for that brand new youngster, unless special circumstances use.

Further examples:

  • Penny has three kids all created before 6 2017, and all of whom live with her april. Penny claims Universal Credit. Penny gets the young kid part of Universal Credit for every of this three kiddies

You will only be paid the child element of Universal Credit if that child/children are the first and second born if you have a child/children born on or after 6 April 2017. When naked red head girls you have a 3rd or subsequent child/children created on or after 6 April 2017, you will definitely simply be taken care of that youngster if special circumstances use. Read more →